Andrew Wight
Owner Partner / President / Director of Sales

Born in Castor Bay, New Zealand, Andrew came to the United States on a work Visa in 1990, where he took a job at Australia New Zealand Direct Line. There he not only earned his stripes in the very strategic and intense environment of pricing, but also gained a true understanding of what it takes to get the job done and done well. This is also where he met Carol, who would become his partner in business and in life. After a few years with another audio visual company, Andrew and Carol started AV Dimensions. The rest, as they say, is history.

Those who work with Andrew know he is truly dedicated to his clients. He will do anything possible to make their experience with AV Dimensions an excellent one. He is extremely knowledgeable and responsive. Andrew shares his expertise with clients to assist in identifying solutions that work best for any scenario. He makes himself available to discuss plans with designers during the planning phase - rather than after the build or the final plan is in place - to assure the client is delivered the absolute best to meet their goal and the outcome they envisioned.

When Andrew isn’t planning thoughtful solutions for clients, he loves golfing, RV’ing, scuba diving, skiing and any vacation spent with the family.

Carol Wight
Owner Partner / Director of Development

Customer service and satisfaction have always been primy focuses in Carol’s career. Her years of work within the steamship cargo industry allowed her to explore many fields, offering a unique opportunity to learn the insides and outs of a business, and how to make it prosper. Carol assisted in the successful implementation of ISO 9000, a quality management standard that presents guidelines intended to increase efficiency and consumer satisfaction.

In 2000, Carol and Andrew began AV Dimensions. Carol has played an integral role at AV Dimensions since its inception. She’s focused on the company’s growth from a process, procedure and marketing point of view. Carol is personally involved with all areas of the company, working to expand AV Dimensions and develop the best group of associates in the business.

When she’s not traveling the globe for work, Carol loves hiking, camping, RV’ing, long drives or walks of any kind, golf (although not very good, she’s a good sport), a good book, good movie, card or board games. More than anything, Carol loves a good laugh.

Bryan Burris
VP OF Technology

Bryan joined the AV Dimensions team in 2001 as a technician, quickly rising to become a technical project manager in 2006. When AV Dimensions moved its corporate office to Arizona in 2007, Bryan was there to open the doors. His constant thirst for technical knowledge is what helps AV Dimensions stay ahead of the ever-changing technology trends.

In 2012, Bryan was promoted to Vice President of Technology, where he now oversees the technical details for AV Dimensions. Bryan travels to show site to manage many larger projects such as E3, CES, Call of Duty World Championship, John Deere and many other high-profile jobs. Bryan is involved in most of the large-scale projects from inception through execution.

In his free time, Brian and his wife enjoy archery, sporting clay shooting and camping, and pretty much anything outdoors. He has tried his hand at fly fishing a few times and has not had any luck, but strives to be successful at it someday.

Monica Jonas-Cox
Finance Manager

Monica brought a financial strength to the team when she joined AV Dimensions with twenty years of experience in Finance. There isn’t much she hasn’t done in this regard.

Monica is a strategic planner. She has managed large staffs and been recognized for her management of company finance. She successfully builds and manages a productive and stable team environment. She is the epitome of thinking out of the box; she can quickly analyze interrelationships of events and ideas from several perspectives, and offer innovative solutions to best address each situation. Monica has a great desire to coach develop and motivate coworkers to achieve the highest of goals.

When Monica isn’t working she enjoys furniture and cabinetry refinishing, taking something old and making it new again. She has a passion for cooking and is quite good at it. Her greatest love is her family.

Dana Aidala
Senior Account Executive

Prior to joining AV Dimensions, Dana was a firefighter in Ft. Walton Beach, Florida for more than 15 years. He definitely understands a sense of urgency!

Dana is a seasoned veteran of the Audio Visual Industry who is focused on Trade Shows and Events. Dana’s first two years at AV Dimensions were spent as a technician learning the ins and outs of the constantly evolving Audio Visual world. As a senior Account Executive, his dedication to the client, attention to detail and overall knowledge of technology has made Dana a full-service expert to anyone with whom he works. Dana is his client’s first point of contact for shows and events, and is responsible for maintaining effective working relationships, as well as communication and coordination with AV Dimensions’ accomplished team of professionals. His experience and attention to detail enables him to understand the client needs. He then works with his team to prepare creative ideas with new or existing technologies, while utilizing budget-saving ideas and techniques.

Dana works with an extensive list of clients including Raytheon, Lockheed Martin, Bell Helicopter, Honeywell, MC2, Derse, GES, and many others. With Dana’s extensive background, he offers great assurance to AV Dimensions’ clients for successful exhibit and event outcomes.

When Dana isn’t on the road working hard to give his clients a great experience, he loves just spending time at home with his wife and son.


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